GROWTH / 4 - April 24 - Growing everywhere

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GROWTH / 4 - April 24 - Growing everywhere


April 24

1440 St. PAUL St.

FROM 5 p.m. TILL 6 p.m.

Growing everywhere - Guerrilla/renegade gardening, composting, permaculture, growing community


The shifting seasons are a reflection of ourselves. Spring is a time of waking up and coming out of winter hibernation. A time of planting seeds and tending your garden, coaxing new life that will grow into the bounty of a fall harvest. Join One Big Table creative director Scott Nystrom as he shares nibbles and knowledge inspired by a season of GROWTH. 


Flex your green thumb and get growing, getting your fingers in the soil, as well as tending the bacterial garden within. Learn the magic of eggs in time for Easter, and overgrow your neighbourhood with tips for cultivating community with renegade gardening techniques. Come GROW with One Big Table. .

The demos are held at the One Big Table Shop (1440 St. Paul Street) every Wednesday for the month of April from 5 till 6.

Price includes food .

Limited space so don’t wait.

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