BITTERSweet / Bitter / February 10th

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BITTERSweet / Bitter / February 10th

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BitterSweet ~ Bitter

A weekend of craft cocktail and chocolate at the One Big Table shop with Tiffany Anderson + Marissa Young. 

Saturday night has you brewing the potent elixirs to make your own cocktail bitters; learn about the craft of mixing flavours and healing plants while enjoying two unique drinks. 

Sunday afternoon will be a little messier--we will make raw chocolate from scratch and roll sweet truffles -- all in the name of love. Join us for one of or both days. 

BITTER: Saturday Feb. 10  7-9pm. $80.

Two jazzy cocktails and snacks + your own bitters to create + take home. Learn how making your own tonics amplifies both flavour + health.


$110 for both workshops { $30 savings }

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