OBT Member


OBT Member

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You asked us what does it mean to be a founding member?

here is what we got to say.

We are creating a store, owned and governed by member-shoppers and rooted in principles like community & economic participation: One Big Table will be a cooperative.

As such, each member will also be an active participant in the governance of the business if they chose to. But how does a founding member differs from a simple member?

The difference is, you might say, in the essence - quite intangible for some. As a funding member you have the means and the wish to support an idea you believe to be important for your community with a more significant contribution and beyond the wish of receiving a return on said contribution (read perk).

This is the heart of a crowdfunding campaign - any campaign - and catching this detail is the difference between a successfully funded campaign and one that is not.

You believe the role food plays in shaping our community is unquestionable - you said it so yourselves to friends, to your favorite farmer at the market and even to us. Well, this is, for lack of a better expression, your opportunity to put your money where your mouth is. 


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