It’s time to grow . Let’s do it together .

It’s important to remember that One Big Table has been funded so far solely by its members . And while with growth & longevity , financial credibility will come, we are hitching to continue our growth. 

It’s unquestionable that you, our members-owners, are and will alway be our best & strongest asset. You have the power - through consistent support - to blow things up.

How can you support us?

You can support us by visiting the shop often and by sharing candidly with us what will prompt more consistent visiting (what products? What services?) 

At the same time , you are our best advertising platform. When you come to the shop, you experience grocery in a  different way: there is a coziness and intimacy that is hard to capture but palpable. By sharing your experience with your friends, (the knowledge of our staff , the quality of our products), you become, de facto, an ambassador for OBT

It’s simple. And to make it even more simple you can click below to get a sample email to send your best pals and get them in the loop. 

As we grow, this growth comes back to you: you are after all an owner, not just a consumer.  For every referral that leads to a new member you get a $10 gift certificate. Just make sure you tell your fiend to insert your coordinates (name and email) when they buy or register their membership.

What do you say? Wanna help us grow ?