black sheep vegan chesse

If you tried it, you knwo what the fuss is all about. it’s down right delicious and support supports a compassionate way of living .

Voursin is a creamy spreadable cheese like the popular "Boursin"; Vrie is a very meltable cheese inspired by its cousin Vrie; Herbed Vozzarella is true to its name with oregano and basil (perfect for pizza) ; Camemvert is insanely good, definitely Leo’s favourite, with an amazing creamy texture & beautiful flavours.


Bumble bloom

to bee or not to bee?
plant based honey alternative new to the shop : @bumblebloom is derived from apple juice \\ cider vin + sugar.

now tell us : what are your thoughts on honey as a not-nice-to-animals product? Do the bees need the honey themselves or is it for us? How do we best “save the bees” and encourage pollination? Is honey harmful? Let’s chat!


NATURE’S origin coconut yogurt

Nature’s Origin coconut yoghurt : three simple ingredients, quiet fermentation, Best Best Best non-dairy substitute and the fridge is full again for those of you who were disappointed the last couple o’ days.

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Poppadoms vegan butter chicken

the reel : @poppadomsvegan butter chicken — tomatoey spice laced real deal curry with coconut milk. pour that over @wiseearthfarm seared Japanese eggplants + thick slices of @wearevegilantechickpea tempeh { a fermented bean patty without the soy of tofu + the added gut health benefits - see below } + a pile of greens + minted cucumber + OBT apricot chutney served with two thin Indian crepes made from Frances’ gf dosa batter


tricky to say, not so tricky to eat.

our preference? Treat these fermented pressed beans as you would your favorite veggie burger, with the added benefits of fermentation : give it some sauce, a marinade, and let it hit the grill. .

today, we have it sliced + marinated and tucked into tacos with all the vegan fixings!

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hello sweet comfort.