6.15 p.m.

Motion to approve the agenda: First Casey Hamilton, Heather Grassick
Motion to approve the minutes: First Ben Wilson, Lindsay Goertzen

Operations Report

  • Thanks to everyone for coming and being a part of the project

  • $250,000 in sales now that we are near the end of June - substantial investment into the community

  • 200+ members last year now to 600+ members

  • Staff and leadership roles discussed - highly talented team which receives ongoing community recognition 

  • Shop is starting to outgrow the current layout - may need to improve it’s layout and start to consider how a larger location might work

  • Next Focus 

    • One Big Table line of products to improve margins and add wonderful products to the market. 

    • Also starting to work on rebuilding an employment training program alongside John Howard Society 

  • Staff and leadership roles discussed

    • Highly talented team which receives ongoing community recognition  

    • Scott taking leadership in the shop day to day, creating new products

    • Giulio’s role is mostly behind the scenes managing operations, not front of house

      Motion to accept the operations report: Erica Macmab, Sandra 

Financial Report 

  • Small profit in first year of operation 

  • Celebrate profit but recognize the fragility 

  • Inventory and assets are growing as are expenses 

  • Short discussion on where profit could be directed in the future

  • Short discussion about future growth opportunities 

  • Discussion about how members can help most - visit the shop

  • Motion to accept the financial report: Erica Macmab, Sandra 

Motion to waive the requirement to auditor: Ben, Stephanie 


  • Thanks to the two board members who stepped down last year - Brenda and Anne Marie

  • Added Christian during the year to help fulfill the need

  • Christian added for some governance experience and Coop experience. Huge asset. 

    • According to bylaws we can appoint mid-year but they have to stand for election

    • Established establish governance and regular board meetings, worked to improve financial reporting, establish a recruiting process  

  • Max 5 board members - Two year terms

    • Giulio - Employee Rep - on a two year term 

    • Andrew - One more year

    • 3 open positions

      • 4 applications 

  • This year, OBT is seeking candidates for three board vacancies (2-year terms). OBT has identified a need for a number of skills among Board members; we especially welcome candidates with knowledge and experience in one or more of the following:

    • Governance

    • Finance

    • Retail experience (ideally grocery related)

  • OBT members are able to vote - 3 votes 

  • Secret ballot - which helps to avoid conflict of interest and bias

  • Four candidates

    • Rose Whitelock 

    • Ben Wilson

    • Lindsay Goertzen

    • Christian Brandt 

  • 1 minute to introduce themselves 

    The ballots indicate that Christian Brandt, Ben Wilson & Lindsay Goertzen are voted into the board.

Motion to Adjourn - 7:25 - Sandra, Erica