We live in a culture of credentially busy; it means something to have a full daytimer and fuller yet inbox. A culture that eats in our cars + at our desks and fills evenings with meetings + practices and doesn’t know where the morning went to get there — but could if we stopped for a moment to look up at the sky while we grab another coffee...to go?

Our ceramic mug game has thrown some people off, and altered others, reminding them that they do in fact have ten minutes for coffee if they choose it...and they usually stay for twenty. This is not lazy. Or indulgent. Or irresponsible. It is not even the paradoxically hyped up “self care” -- it is, just, taking time for the sweet + quiet parts of life.

Stop + smell the roses, if you will.

And the process in making time, is too, similar to a rose garden. Dead heading flowers \\ trimming plant leaves so the healthy ones can grow is the very metaphor for reorganizing your life to create space and time. Reorganize priorities \\ re-evaluate preferences. This allows you to collect your energy and distribute it into the things that matter most rather than many withering blooms.

Which of your projects are half dead. Do you have one toe dipped into so many different pools that your foot can not ground in any, let alone your body steep in the richness of one?

Like plants we thrive when we hone in on the few. When we do not disperse ourselves so as to dilute ourselves. Ain't nobody like no thin slick of butter or pb or marmite for you Aussies out there reading up on Biggie....lay that on thick. Lay yourself on thick to what you love.

There is no glory in ambition or multitasking. There is so much in disciplined presense and attuned care for those + what you lend yourself + time to.

And too, like plants, and humans, so does food love to be gathered in the fewest and simplest of ways.

We preach simple food at the shop not because we are chintzing out on sammys, but because when you work with quality ingredients, you want them to sing, not be strangled with complication.

Keeping food simple not only allows you to really taste the characteristics of a component, but it makes cooking less daunting and time consuming. It means that an onion + a clove of garlic + thick carrots + a sprig of lemon thyme + a sprig of your own time makes a whole pot of comfort. That Sprout bread + fine dairy and time under the broiler while you grab a beer is a snack worth sitting down ten or even twenty minutes for.

You don't need much to make it count. Only a reverence for the quality of what you are putting in – just like you with your time + efforts + gifts. So give more into less, and stay awhile.

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