The Holiday Bag


The Holiday Bag


While the keeners are putting the finishing touches on their Christmas mixtape, here at the One Big Table HQ the team is deep into planning to put a local spin on the coming holiday season. 

And the gift of local still seems the best one of them all. 

This year we are please to offer a One Big Table bag along side our priced baskets. While the basket are unquestionably awesome, the bags are a little cheaper but equally enchanting with a variety of local flavours and original art work by obt’s favourite Lise Guyot of L.G. Photography.  

and it’s perfectly acceptable to gift it to yourself! 

THE BAG features One Big Table’s local favourites:

1 x Abeego, reusable beeswax

1 x 1/2 lb Local Walntus

 1 x 90 gr. Karat Chocolate Bar

1 x Vancouver Island Canadian Sea Salt

1 x FieldGold Whole Mustard Seeds & Wine Mustard

1 x One Big Table Bottle Opener

1 x Membership Card

1 x "I am centered" Chia Spice Jiva Kombucha  



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