local. everyday of the week.

We have searched near and not far for those ingredients that are unique to our region because of a simple belief: to choose quality ingredients means inviting good flavours to your table.

We looked for the small, the unique, the traditionally made that reflect who we are, our multicoloured heritage and in a sense,  represent our culinary identity as British Columbians.

Now we are ready to bring those ingredients to your kitchen: book One Big Table for your event with a menu always designed to impress.



The costs of food for our One Big Table Boards are set at $17/person (+gst)

The spread covers most dietary restrictions making sure that all of the guests will feel satisfied and well taken cared of, but please do let us know of any specific allergies.

for $24 / person we will also include: 1 passed around hot appetizers ; 1 pass around  cold appetizer; 1 server on site for the duration agreed to serve food & 1 chef on site for the duration agreed to serve food

*We will require a deposit to confirm the date.

*Numbers needs to be confirmed  1 week prior the event

*Please provide containers for leftovers