Amanda Poon


Strengths: Governance, Finance, Retail, Other

Please specify 'other' skills: I have a Business Admin Diploma, Basic Accounting Certificate and am working towards becoming a Chartered Professional Accountant. I currently work in a Financial Management role for a public entity.

About Becoming a Board Member: OBT improves our community by supporting local producers and creating much needed access to fresh, healthy food. I want to help OBT thrive because I strongly support the Pay it Forward program. As a neighbour to John Howard and Cardington, OBT is a welcoming, hospitable space for marginalized people who sadly face discrimination elsewhere.

I have 2 years’ experience working in local agriculture and operating a Farmer’s Market booth, and 5 years’ experience in grocery and retail as a supply chain manager with Valoroso Foods. Currently I am an Analyst with Interior Health and pursuing a Chartered Professional Accountant designation.

I believe my industry experience and financial expertise would support OBT’s unique values, while offering solutions to address the operational challenges faced by socially conscious enterprises.

Matt Stewart


Strengths: Governance

Skills: As the Executive Director of OSIF a non profit in Kelowna - I bring a strong sense on Board Governance.

About Becoming a Board Member: I love your food, and your vision. I am the Executive Director of OSIF

Andrew Greer

[current board member up for re-election]

AG Profile 4.jpg

Strengths: Business development / sales, business modelling, social enterprise development, partnerships

Please specify 'other' skills: I've spent the last four years building Purppl, or Purposeful People; we are a social enterprise who helps other social enterprises build sustainable business models. We continue to build expertise in coaching social entrepreneurs and building a network of community partners and tools that help social entrepreneurs to thrive.

About Continuing as a Board Member: OBT is an important, community owned grocery store that supports local producers and various people who are seeking a healthy, regenerative food system.

I've been a volunteer, board member, and customer of OBT since early in the idea stage and I've help to build the business model to get it off the ground with 1000+ members. I've humbly served to help support incorporation, to build some of our strongest partnerships, to test different revenue models, and to build an impact model to support our community. It hasn't all worked, but that's normal when building a startup.

I would like to continue to help build a thriving financial model that can allow for a more in-depth and comprehensive commitment to systemic social and environmental impact.

I am actively building a social enterprise; that sort of experience has been helpful and I believe will continue to be helpful for OBT.

While happy and interested in continuing to serve as a Board Member, I am also happy and confident that there are others with valuable skillsets to contribute to growing our One Big Table.

Rose Whitelock

[current board member up for re-election]


Strengths: Through the lens of marketing, my experience can help OBT make clear goals about the future of the business.I bring a broad background of knowledge when it comes to growing a business through online marketing.

About Continuing as a Board Member: I bring a broad background of knowledge when it comes to growing a business through online marketing. I have also helped apply for one of the many community grants that OBT is eligible for and look forward to applying for more. I have been working with the board to develop a sustainable marketing strategy to ensure the success of this project. As part of that strategy I am currently managing our paid media marketing campaign that is being funded by one of the grants that OBT received this year.

I wish to continue to participate in this important project that guarantees access to wholesome local food in the downtown core.