the simple egg can sing so many different songs. aioli calls for the freshest local eggs you can find. they are the star of the show.  

two farm eggs.

one garlic clove, roasted or raw.  

one tablespoon acid, cider vinegar or citrus.

one teaspoon (not yellow) mustard.

two finger pinch of salt.

just enough oil. 

in a blender or with a whisk in a round bottom bowl, crack eggs (yolks only for purists – but blenders love whole eggs for extra fluffy aioli). add garlic. mix. acid, mustard, salt, mix. 

while mixing at top speed, drizzle oil very slowly in a thin constant stream. aunt Hélène knows not to speak during this crucial step or you may cause the aioli to split. 

the more oil, the thicker the aioli. keep drizzling until the blender refuses to mix, about one cup of neutral oil, like grape-seed or avocado oil. 

slather on sandwiches, baked fish, raw veg, or root fries. 

stores in a jar in the fridge one week.