Almost 2 years ago now, with some of you that joined along the way, we chose to collectively embrace this cooperatively owned grocery store as our own. And while participation is a wild beast that needs to be tamed through persistence and patience, The AGM represents the one event of the year that will provide the opportunity to practice both responsibility and participation. 

The AGM is FREE to attend and is set to be held July 10th 2019 at CoLab Space located @ 1405 Saint Paul Street

We do ask to RSVP  via >>> Eventbrite <<< to helps us better plan the evening  (essentially if you tell us you are coming, we can make sure there will be enough snacks and bubbly things for everybody - oh yes, there will be food!)



board member nomination package 2019

This year, OBT members are able to re-elect current board members who are all up for re-election. Members are also invited to put their own board nomination forward to serve on the OBT board (2-year term). OBT has identified a need for a number of skills among Board members; we especially welcome candidates with knowledge and experience in one or more of the following:

  • Governance

  • Finance

  • Retail experience (ideally grocery related)


  • Rose Whitelock (up for election)

  • Giulio Piccioli (employee director)

  • Andrew Greer (up for election)

  • Ben Wilson

  • Christian Brandt

Nomination must be received by July 1st 2019 via form below