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noun; relating to, occupied with, or fond of feasting, drinking, and good company <a convivial host> <a convivial gathering>

It’s hard to capture in a few words what One Big Table truly is but if we had to try, the closest definition would be an itinerant dining experience.

We’ll admit: at the beginning we were sort of confused on what that really meant. But in time, event after event, it all became more clear as we witnessed our One Big Table pop up in beautiful and sometimes unlikely locations all over our beautiful Valley with the sole purpose to share a meal outside of the sometimes limiting confines of a restaurant.

We have shared our dinner table with farmers, cheese-makers & bakers; we cooked whole meals on open fire outside & in the middle of winter; we even occupied our back alley with the wish to meet our neighbours.

And we have done all of that because, well, we believe food is much more than substance for our body but a connection with our community: conviviality is what we believe in the most; the act of coming together & sharing a meal in all of its beauty.

If this introduction sparked your curiosity, our suggestions is to sign up for our mailing list, because you never know where our One Big Table will pop up next.